The Project is a response to expressed needs of professional vocationally active group of veterinary medical doctors in the field of advance interpersonal communication, meeting their needs in the key, personal and social, competences development.

The main target of the project is to create innovative courses for veterinary doctors in the subject of advance interpersonal communication, improving their key social and personal competences necessary at their work and professional performance with the usage of e-learning and digital learning tools.

The project’s target group are professionally active veterinary doctors.

According to the EU and OCED Practicing veterinary doctor (abbreviation: vet) is a persons who have completed studies in veterinary medicine at University level (granted by an adequate diploma) and who is licensed to practice. The situation on the market in the most of EU countries is dynamically changing and veterinarians face problem of changing attitude of their clients and more demanding approach. Veterinary is considered, in accordance to researches, as one of the most stressful professions with high level of treat of burn-out. Personal and social skills, such like stress management, time-management and connected to that assertiveness, team management, are crucial in avoiding professional burn-out in veterinary profession. Those key competences are vital for veterinarians in job performance and maintaining of their employability, social and personal development. Burn-out in that medical profession is mostly outcome of work overload, lack of assertiveness, not sufficient competences in the  communication with veterinary client, absence of time-management abilities and lack skills of veterinary team work.

Basing on the international research on educational needs of veterinary doctors carried out in the ERASMUS+ Project realised by the Strategic Partnership of KIKO Educational Solutions, Charakis Research and Consulting and Synolic it was confirmed that over 81 % of veterinary doctors in various European countries want to be trained in the communication. Veterinary doctors perceive the necessity of increasing of key personal communication competences as crucial for their professional development. The comvet European research confirmed also that veterinary doctors are interested in education both in the form of workshops and in a form of e-learning. The project answers to those needs and will deliver innovative for this professional group and subject results that will be used by veterinary doctors in their job performance and preventing professional burn-out. Developed courses will be complementary to the educational programs delivered by veterinary medicine faculties or post-graduate veterinary medical education. An innovation of the project is in the field of the subject (advance communication competences of veterinary doctor and its implementation through advanced communication techniques and modern digital tools.

In the project new digital courses, materials and tools in the key communication competences for veterinary doctors will be developed. The project delivers significantly innovative digital educational tools, that were not used before for this professional group. The project supports the effective use of digital technologies in training of veterinary doctors. The project is realised in frame of the International Strategic Partnership Project co-financed by the European Union ERASMUS+ Programme. Project is implemented by organisation: KIKO Educational Solutions (Project Leader), Charakis Research and Consulting and Synolic. Thanks to involvement of various partners from different European Union Member States, organisations and experts with wide experience in trainings development, digital  education, experts in the methodology of learning adults and professionals it is possible to create the educational outcomes of a high value. The value that will be beneficial for our participants – practising veterinary doctors.